Day 313: Strategy

First things first, let’s see how the storyboard has progressed so far. This is what I showed you last week:


Now this is how that particular storyboard looks like this week:


It’s still a work-in-progress: Maria is refining the art.

There are 11 other pictures in various stages of work but I’m pretty satisfied with how this is turning out.

As always, strategy day is about figuring out what to do next to successfully get funding for Eternal Camping. Right now there just isn’t a lot for me to do but next week I’m going to look more into potentially setting up an Add-on store. I don’t actually know if there will be one: I keep going back and forth.

Monday: Work on a rough draft of what the add-on store would look like on OpenOffice Writer. If I decide to use an add-on store, I’ll copy-paste it into the Indiegogo page.

Tuesday: I’m going to find places where I can order and manufacture products like t-shirts, figure out how much it’ll cost, and then figure out how much to charge to get a decent margin (all the profits go into the movie). I will be meeting with Maria today.

Wednesday: Keep researching for the add-on store. Ideally, I’d like six items for the add-on store if I do that.

Thursday: Decide on whether or not to add the add-on store, keep perfecting it, and get feedback.

Friday: Strategy day.