Day 312: Home Page

Today I worked on the front page.

The first thing I did was work on the text. Since I now have a story page, I simply had the main page tell you the concept and the genre of the movie rather than going into more detail. I specified that the blog covers what I do every day and that I’m working on this part-time until I have funding. The second thing was I found a public domain photo and put it there to make the page more interesting. I’ll likely replace that photo with a brand new storyboard when it’s time.

I also met with Maria today. She’s made some nice progress on the storyboard I showcased last week: I’m going to show it tomorrow as part of strategy day! Trust me, the progress she made is pretty outstanding. She’s doing a great job and Jeff agrees that the art is on point. Anyways, she’s going to keep working on the storyboards and I’ll meet with her again on Tuesday.

I did make some progress on the add-on store. I’m going to concentrate on this next week but today was mostly about seeing how feasible it is. How much does it cost to ship a shirt in the United States? How much does it cost to manufacture a shirt? How much time would it take to ship items? Figuring this out is important since I don’t want to tell shirts and then find out that instead of spending money on the movie, we didn’t calculate the cost right and it’s spent on these items.