Day 310: Story Page

Check out the brand new story page now!

The reason I did a story page is I wanted to get more in-depth on the story so that people interested in the project can easily learn more. I did when I was working on the script and came up with the concept originally talk more about the story but that’s over 200 days ago. You’d have to go to the beginning of the blog to get those posts and that’s a commitment to ask someone who isn’t sure about Eternal Camping to make.

The main page does tell you what the story is about and so does the Indiegogo page but this one goes deeper than both. The first is simply the plot synopsis. It pretty much covers the premise of the movie but I don’t want to actually tell people what happens in Eternal Camping. I don’t want to spoil the movie for them! The second paragraph talks about the themes of the movie. The final paragraph is what I’m hoping to accomplish with the final product.

I also included a great work-in-progress piece from Maria. When she makes progress on that particular storyboard, I’ll update the page with the most complete version. That should make the page more interesting than just a lot of text!