Day 309: Strategy

Now that I’ve worked on the Indiegogo project, updating it so it’s current, I’m going to go back and work more on the Eternal Camping website. I’ve made some changes to it recently (getting a domain name and other behind the scenes updates) but next week I’m going to add to it. I’m going to add pages that add more information about the project. I might even update the layout on Thursday.

In other news, I met with Maria. She’s progressing nicely on the storyboard. This is the work in progress, very rough, of one of the storyboard images:


It still needs some work but I think it’s pretty good for now!

The main business has also been incorporated so that’s good news. Next week is about setting up the bank account for the main business and then work on setting up the subsidiary begins.

Next Week’s Schedule:

Monday: Columbus Day!  I’m taking the holiday.

Tuesday: I’m going to work on setting up the “story” page for Eternal Camping.

Wednesday: I’m going to work on setting up the “character” page for Eternal Camping.

Thursday: I’m going to work on reworking the Eternal Camping home page. I’m also going to start working on an add-on store for Eternal Camping. There will be a meeting with Maria today.

Friday: Strategy Day