Day 308: Indiegogo Perks

Today I worked on setting the Indiegogo limits. I left the upper tier limits mostly alone. This is largely because the limits were not only pretty low on their own but I also feel like the price is a pretty good barrier. I don’t think anyone is going to donate $10,000 to the film and I definitely don’t think there will be more than 5 who would want to. That is a lot of money that most people simply don’t have laying around-especially not to donate just to any campaign they see with no big actor names, director, or producers. The option is only there just in case there is someone willing to give that chunk of money.

The mid-tier, which is between $100 to $1,000, we might see some people interested in that. I don’t need to limit the $100 tier: there is nothing in those rewards that if we got funded purely by everyone picking that tier that would take away too much time or resources away to deliver. But starting with the $200 tier, we do offer Skype calls to people involved. Now if we have to do just a few of those calls, that’s no problem. But if we had 200 Skype calls? Instead of working on the film, I’d be too busy trying to schedule and make them! The more you donate, the more you get access so the more limited it has to be. Over $1,000 will get you set visits but like I said, the price and the already low limit were good enough.

I think right now I have some good numbers. The less expensive mid-tier items have tighter limits: this is because the more money the tier is, the higher the barrier to get it. So the $200 tier has a limit of 25 people. I don’t think 25 people will actually pick this tier but just in case there there are more people interested in spending that much money on my project than I anticipate. The $300 tier has 30 people: there’s a higher barrier so I’m comfortable raising the limit.

Now obviously I’d love it if all the limits got met on each tier because that would give us a really nice budget. I do want people to give as much money as they want to this project. But at the same time, I also want to ensure we don’t get flooded with having to do calls and set visits so hopefully there are enough high-end and mid-end backers to get us to $50,000 but not so many that we’re overwhelmed by it.