Day 305: Marketing Plan

Today was a day where I went over my marketing plan. I have a two-week marketing plan I plan to run before actually launching the Indiegogo campaign in the hopes of getting as much money as possible on the first twenty-four hours. The plan right now is largely built on social media including paying to promote tweets and boost the Facebook page. There are some plans for trying to schedule multiple tweets/posts a day in an attempt to generate interest in the twitter profile/Facebook page as possible as well as redirecting it to this site.

A small aspect of the plan before was the use of images: I knew I was going to use the Eternal Camping poster but now I want to emphasize the images Maria is using more. After all, they provide the clearest image of the characters and actual scenes from the movie that will hopefully convey to the movie to the public. It’s also more interesting than tweeting out stuff like lines from the movie. So today was about revising the marketing plan.

Finally, I did run some errands for setting up the business and I will continue to do that tomorrow.