Day 304: Strategy

The artwork is coming along nicely. The business is being properly set up through an agent I got. There really isn’t much for me to do beyond keep going over my plans and the Indiegogo page so that’s what I’ll focus on for now.

Next Week’s Schedule:

Monday: There’s some errands I have to run regarding the business. I also plan on going over my marketing plan to feature Maria’s artwork more prominently.

Tuesday:  Confirm some things on the business end. I also plan on going back to the Indiegogo page and set up some filler images so I know how it looks like with pictures on them.

Wednesday: Keep working on the Indiegogo page.

Thursday:  Work and finalize Indiegogo perk limits. I’m going to work with Jeff on this one to figure out the right number per perk.

Friday: Strategy day. I will also have a meeting with Maria and probably Jeff as well.