Day 303: Feature Script

Today I took a brief break from working on the Indiegogo project to work a bit on the actual script. Chances are after the Indiegogo campaign, I’ll spend another week or two revising the script further but I wanted to get some changes in right now for a couple of reasons. The first is I want to be able to put them in and think about whether or not I like it or what works and doesn’t work so I can revise it later. The second reason is I didn’t want to forget these.

The changes weren’t huge but they were significant. I didn’t add any new scenes but I did expand on some of the scenes. These changes are mostly from the feedback: one of them is to reinforce the Antonio story. Another one is to add to the opening scene to give more emotion to the Austin arc. There were also several other changes. Each change is aimed at enhancing the character arcs.

Next week I’ll go back to preparing the Indiegogo project.