Day 302: Indiegogo Update

Today I started going over the Indiegogo page. As many of you may know, I’ve hired an artist, Maria, to do some sample storyboard and character art to show as part of the video. This is to give people a visual cue to what we’re talking about while at the same time being interesting. The good news is that I asked her to do 12 storyboards which is a lot of content. The bad news is that I’m not sure if the video will be able to show every storyboard.

This does create an opportunity: show the storyboards we’re not using in the video to help promote the film in other ways. This includes using them on twitter/Facebook/Instagram but also by putting some of them on the actual Indiegogo page. This will make the page more interesting and dynamic rather than just a lot of boring old text. It also allows people to notice the very detailed, good work Maria has done on these storyboards and character art.

So today I met with Maria. She’s doing a great and amazing job. I also went over the Indiegogo page. I didn’t actually change anything: what I did was look at places where I could add storyboard and character art. This way when the art is done, I know exactly where I want to put it and it’ll just take a few minutes. This was more planning but like I keep saying: it’s better to work with a plan than without one.