Day 301: Indiegogo Update

Today I went over the perks we’re offering for each pledge. There are multiple tiers-low level (below $100), mid level ($100-$1,000), and high level tiers ($1,000+). I think the low-level tiers are pretty good at this point. I’ve specifically set up each tier so there isn’t a physical reward. A physical reward costs money to produce and ship that could be going towards the movie.

One thing I am worried about is over-committing to some of the perks. I edited some but I also made notes. It’s hard to tell how many, if any, are going to be interested in being mid-level or high-level backers. The big change I’ve made is setting up limits right now. So for instance we need 5 $10,o00 backers to reach our goal. I’ve thus set the limit to five. I doubt we’ll get that much from 5 backers but you never know! These are rough numbers at the moment and likely to change.

I also made it more clear as to how it works. Right now, I plan to release a schedule for each stage of the film before it begins. This way backers know when we plan to enter pre-production, production, and post-production so they can schedule Skype calls and visits!