Day 300: Indiegogo Update

Wow. 300 days. That’s how long I’ve worked on the project. In that time, I’ve completed a script, done a budget, set up a basic web presence for the project, and am in the final stages of completing a video for the Indiegogo project. I am also in the process of working to actually establish the company and all that entails. I’m hoping that by day 400, we’re already knee-deep in pre-production and heading straight into production.

Anyways, today was simple. I’m working with a small business owner to help establish the business in Texas. He happens to be my dad but his experience in exactly this issue has proven to be invaluable. Today I sent him information he needed to help start up the paperwork.

I also went into the Indiegogo page and made some important changes. There was some outdated information that I needed to update. I also had some behind the scenes changes: Indiegogo has changed it’s website a bit since I first worked on that page. I added things like a sentence that provided an overview of the page. The page now reflects accurate information so we can launch soon.