Day 299: Strategy

I’m one day away from having worked on the Eternal Camping project for 300 days. That’s a long time. I’ll likely do a retrospective of the project at that time but that’s not until next week.

On setting up the business, I’ve enlisted aid. That should help establish the business. It is likely during this time that I will have to do things. Thus my goal is to keep my schedule relatively clear this week while at the same time remaining productive. At the same time, I don’t have that much to do until the artwork for the video is done and that’ll likely take some more time. Thus this upcoming week is about what I can do:

Monday: I’m going to work on the Indiegogo page. There are some things that do need to be updated, added, and removed. I’ll also make some changes based on anything that might be different behind the scenes.

Tuesday: I’m going to go over the Indiegogo rewards. I want to make sure they are up to date and that the perks are solid. I’m thinking of also adding an add-on shop so I’m going to see how possible that is.

Wednesday: I have a meeting with Maria this day. The artwork is progressing nicely! I’m also going to keep looking over the Indiegogo page/perks to plan out where I can add some artwork for when Maria is done.

Thursday: I have some pending changes I’ve been putting off on the feature film script I plan to make this day.

Friday: Strategy day!