Day 295: Video Edit

Today I did some work on the video. It really wasn’t much but it needed to be done and no time like the present! The first is I replaced the audio for Laredo with the new actor. This involved having to figure out how to export audio from Garage Band, importing it, then finding a take I liked. This took some time since I’m the kind of person who likes to get a lot of options to pick from. Then I put it into the video. I had to rework some of the pacing since the new actor’s takes were a bit longer than the old one. This also took some time. I also had to adjust the audio so that his voice wasn’t louder than everyone else. While working on the pacing, I also had the title Eternal Camping pop up at the end of the teaser. I like it quite a bit!

I also went and put his name in the credits! That’s the video editing for now: I likely won’t come back to it until Maria has finished with the artwork.