Day 294: Strategy

Today was strategy day which meant it was time to figure out what I need to do in order to accomplish my current goal of running a successful Indiegogo campaign. This week was about updating the web presence of Eternal Camping and that was some good progress. Maria’s making great artwork. I also successfully recast the role of Laredo and got the recordings in within the span of one week. Next week I’m going to edit the video to include the new lines and work on the business part.

Next week:

Monday: Video edit where I put in the pictures of the new twitter page and change the lines. I might have to work on the pacing a bit to accommodate the new lines. I will then export the video.

Tuesday: I’m going to reach out to a contact of mine to ask for advice on setting up the company. I’m going to start preparing paperwork and revising paperwork I already did. I’m also going to start gathering the funds I need to establish companies with California.

Wednesday: I’m going to keep working on setting up company paperwork. I’m also going to look into renting a PO box to use as the company’s address since I don’t think I can use my apartment’s address. I also have a meeting with Maria this day.

Thursday: I’m going to select a bank based on reviews and research on which I will later open a corporate business account with. I might start setting up meetings this day with the bank but I might wait until we’re more ready.

Friday: Strategy day as well as a day to do any left over work and a meeting with Jeff.