Day 293: Recording + Website

Today two big things happened. The first was that I had a recording session with the new kid playing Laredo. I think for the most part it went pretty well even: the kid did a pretty great job! I’m likely going to put in the new recordings into the video either tomorrow or early next week depending on when I get them e-mailed and time.

I also made a pretty big jump today: there’s a pretty significant website change today! You might not notice it but Eternal Camping now has it’s own dedicated domain name! If you wanted to access this blog before, you had to go to That was fine for when we first launched the project and I was writing the script. Now that I’m gearing up for the Indiegogo run, I wanted my own custom domain name and now the web address is!

You might also notice that there are no more ads on the site. I’m planning on keeping it that way for at least the following year.

For the first 72 hours the new domain name might not work that well but I’ve had zero problems with it so far. I also changed a lot of the behind the scenes settings. I removed the ability to post comments on the home page, changed the e-mail settings on the contact form so it’s sent to the Eternal Camping email rather than my personal one, and other stuff.