Day 292: Twitter

Today I basically did two things. The first is that I went ahead and updated my personal twitter account. My personal photo is now the Eternal Camping poster and I used a public domain picture of scary woods as a header photo. In addition, I updated the Eternal Camping twitter profile to give it a new header photo and changed a whole bunch of settings like the e-mail address, notification settings, and others. I’ll likely change the twitter screenshot in the Indiegogo video to include the updated page since that would only take a second or two.

Finally, I also had a meeting with Maria. She’s moved on from refined sketches of the storyboards to uploading them to the computer and starting to clean them up so that she could add a lot of details and color. Overall, it’s turning out really good and I’m satisfied with it. I can’t wait to show some of her artwork when it’s done!