Day 291: Facebook

Today I made some changes to the Facebook page. You can see some of the changes: there’s now a button that will take you directly to the Eternal Camping site at the top when you click “Learn More”. I also added Jeffrey Santos as a producer and made him an “editor” of the page which gives him some power. I’m not sure if he’ll ever need to use it but when we get funding and we’re shooting the movie, it might be useful if he can handle some of the social media management while I’m busy directing. Most of the changes were behind-the-scenes ones: making sure it’s all properly set-up for when we launch the campaign and edited some of the notification settings.

I know this doesn’t seem like a lot but part of the reason I kept this week relatively light is I didn’t know when we’d record the new lines and for now, there really isn’t THAT much to do. That will change soon.

I’m going to work on the twitter page tomorrow as well as my meeting with Maria. I will also make some improvements to the actual site on Thursday and the recording session should happen on this day.