Day 289: Strategy

Today I worked on strategy. I have to say I really like doing it at the end of the week better than the beginning. It was generally to continue work on launch strategy. I’m thinking that once I’m done with next week’s casting, I’m going to take a couple of risks and reach out to a person or two I know to see if they’d be willing to share the project. I also worked on the strategy of giving myself some soft deadlines of when things need to happen.

I also had a meeting with Maria. She’s working hard at the storyboards: it’s gone from sketches to markers providing more detail. I believe the next step is to transition them to the computer where she can work on them using modern technology. It’s a pretty cool process but what’s really neat is really seeing the scene come to life. She’s doing a fantastic job!

The meeting with Jeff got pushed until next week. I also didn’t get the release form from the family of the kid who played Laredo. I’m going to begin recasting that next week.

Finally the schedule for next week:

Monday: Look over the actors I had gotten earlier in the year. I’m going to pick an actor and contact him to play Laredo.

Tuesday: I’m going to work on the Facebook page. I want to update some of the information.

Wednesday: I’m going to work on the Twitter page: update info and maybe work on pictures. There’s a meeting with Maria tentatively scheduled for today.

Thursday: I’m going to work on the other social media pages and the Eternal Camping site to get it up to date.

Friday: Strategy day as well as working on anything that needs to get done. I do hope to have the new kid playing Laredo casted by this day. There’s even a chance the recording might happen by the end of the week!