Day 288: Marketing Plan

Now that I have an idea of what the marketing plan is going to look like, I researched today and calculated a small budget that I think is necessary to have one. Like I said, I can’t spend that much money on it but I do think I need to raise awareness of Eternal Camping if I’ve got any shot of raising the $50,000. Alas, the only real way to raise awareness is to spend money.

I might do a quick one week experimental run at the end of the month to see if it’s really effective or not to spend money on twitter. Getting 200 followers on Facebook for the price I paid was a good use of the money: it told me people were interested in the concept since I had a high “like” ratio based on how many people I reached. It also told me that I could use Facebook to advertise the money. So I have to see if promoting tweets will earn me more followers or not.

Anyways, calculating costs and audience reach is pretty much what I did today. I was going to have a meeting with Maria but that got pushed until tomorrow so expect that entry to come later than normal. I have yet to get the form from the actor I need so it looks like the role of Laredo will be recast next week unless his family gets it to me by the end of tomorrow.