Day 287: Marketing Plan

Today I worked on the marketing plan for before we launch the Indiegogo video! Earlier this year, I had done research and increased my social media presence. I got over 200 likes on Facebook due to a relatively successful, if cheap, marketing campaign. The plan here is that before we launch the Indiegogo, I want to have a marketing campaign to increase hype in order to get as many donations as possible in the first 24 hours. I also plan to continue marketing throughout the campaign.

So what is this plan? It’s not just planning what to do and how the ads are going to look like. It’s figuring out a good budget. Obviously I don’t have a lot of money to work with so I need to be smart here. I don’t have unlimited resources to do this-otherwise I wouldn’t need an Indiegogo project to fund the movie. Anyways, today I was sorting out what I think I need to do in order to increase the reach of the project. That means paying for ads on Facebook, Twitter, and maybe Instagram. I might also do some Google Ads but I’m going to look into the cost of doing those that is at the same time effective.

Tomorrow I’m going to look into the cost of doing these marketing campaigns and figuring out a cost-effective way to do so.