Day 286: Research

I hope everyone had a good labor day! I did! I took the time to recharge my batteries with Eternal Camping!

So I’m making a big change today: I’m officially moving strategy day to Friday! This is largely because I’m moving my weekly meetings with Jeff to that day and also because it allows me to look over what I’ve done over the week and plan out the next week at the same time.

Today I primarily did some research on setting up companies specifically in California. While I knew what paperwork I had to fill out and such, I wanted to know more about the specific cost of doing so. This way I could get the money I need. This does mean I likely won’t set up the company for a month or two while I get the money. I also made sure that all my information about setting up a company was correct. Overall, this is pretty exciting! It’s a small step but unless I need to cast a new actor tomorrow, I would expect small steps until the artwork is done.

This Week’s Schedule:

Monday: Labor Day!

Tuesday: Some research on setting up a new company.

Wednesday: Start planning out a marketing campaign for October.

Thursday: Continue planning out a marketing campaign for October. I also have a meeting with Maria.

Friday: If need be, finish up the plan for marketing. I will also do strategy and release my schedule a week in advance.