Day 284: Video Edit + Meetings

Today this entry is later than normal largely because I had a late meeting that was pretty productive!

First things first:

I did some work on pacing the video. I’m going to have to work on this tomorrow largely because today was also filled with errands that I wasn’t expecting so I didn’t get as much work on this as I would have liked. Which is fine! I still got some progress done and for the most part, it’s really just making sure that everything is updated. For instance, when I move audio, I have to then manually move the video to match it. It shouldn’t take that long tomorrow to finish up.

I had a meeting with Jeff that was pretty productive. We’re pretty happy right now with the video and it’s progress.

Finally, I had a meeting with Maria. She’s moved on from working on the mostly finished character art and is now working on the storyboards! This is pretty exciting as it’s cool to see shots from the movie come to life.