Day 282: Video Edit

Today I worked on editing the pacing for the pitch/teaser. I concentrated more on the teaser end of the video as I continued to make sure that it’s properly paced. I want it to be slower in the beginning but at the same time building up interest. This did mean having to make some adjustments to the length of the teaser: at first I added a second or two in the beginning so I could properly pace it and then once it was done, I actually got rid of three seconds at the end that weren’t needed.

Now it might not seem a lot but in a video, every single second counts. Some major plot developments in a TV show or movie can happen in the pace of a single minute. You’d be surprised with how much plot you can go through with just the last three minutes of a show. In a teaser like this, every second can buy you time in making sure there’s steady development of the tease. But then again, the longer it is, the longer the whole video is and that can also be a problem: too long and no matter how interesting your content is, you risk losing people’s patience.