Day 281: Strategy

At this point, the video is progressing at a nice state and the first real rough draft is almost done. I pretty much have two things I need to do: work on the pacing and then when the art is done, put it in the video. I’m going to work on pacing this week to try and perfect it so that I’ll only have the art left.

Today’s strategy session was thus less “what do I need to do to complete the Indiegogo video?” but “how do we set up a successful Indiegogo launch?” One of those plans is starting to think about running a new marketing campaign. The original one had brought me over 200 likes on Facebook but I want more people “liking” the page and more people following the Eternal Camping twitter feed. To increase exposure so when we launch on day one, we raise as much money as possible.

This week though is focused on completing the video:

Tuesday: Work on pacing out the teaser and pitch video.

Wednesday: Continue to work on pacing.

Thursday: Finish working on pacing if needed. I have a tentative meeting with Jeff and a scheduled one with Maria as well. Expect this day’s entry to arrive late.

Friday: Export the video, get feedback, and such.