Day 280: Editing

Today I opened up iMovie and did some editing work! As you can see on the main blog page or through social media pages, I added in the screencaps I took yesterday. In my opinion, this works a lot better now. For instance, you can now see the links to the “blog” when I mention the Eternal Camping site. I also added in the twitter page when talking about sharing the project to people you know. It’s pretty exciting and I think the video conveys what I’m saying better. I also replaced the picture of me with one! I’m not sure I like it but for now, it does the job!

Finally, I went back to the teaser and I started working on the pacing. What I want is for it to be slower in the beginning and then build it up towards the end while keeping the teaser at the same length of about one minute. I’m not sure if I succeeded or not but it’s a step in the right direction.

Next week, I’ll keep working on the pacing of both the pitch and the teaser.