Day 279: New Pictures

Today was about getting pictures to use on the Indiegogo video. I gave myself more choices to potentially use by taking a picture of the movie’s official twitter page and Facebook page. I also took new pictures of the Eternal Camping site. One of them was picking a better blog post. While the one I had originally picked was fine, I wanted one that had an image I took of my editing rather than an image I got from a public domain website. This not only shows I’ve been keeping people updated about the progress of the website but it reflects said progress in a visual manner.

Finally, I did take some pictures of myself. I’m not sure if I’m entirely happy with them and I might take more tomorrow or over the weekend but for now, I can replace the old image with a brand new one tomorrow.

Today was really about collecting some content while I wait for Maria’s artwork to be finished so that once again, we can finish the video as soon as possible.