Day 278: Misc Tasks

Today was less about doing something specific and more about just doing a whole bunch of misc. tasks that needed to get done. For instance, I had a meeting with Maria over the storyboard shot list. Once she finishes up Austin’s character work, she’s going to get started on it. It looks like it’ll be 12 panels total. I say storyboard but for those familiar with those, this is more promotional rather than an actual storyboard we’ll be shooting from.

I went ahead and got a haircut. This doesn’t seem like a big deal per se (although it took some time going to the haircut place, waiting for a barber, getting haircut, then going back) but it’s important so I can get a good presentable picture as part of the video. I’m not sure yet where to take the picture or how but I’ll figure that out tomorrow as I take this picture and other screencaps.

I still need two release forms so I continued to reach out to get them. I need these in order to post the video and be legally clear.