Day 277: Shot List

Today was about beginning the process of what I want the storyboard to entail. The good news is that I had already done a shot list for the movie. There were over 100 hundred shots and more than 75 scenes but I knew exactly which scene and which shots I wanted. Luckily, I also have an outline so it was pretty easy to know where the shots were. Organization is great!

Anyways, once I found the shots I knew I needed more detail. For one thing, I had used a lot of terminology that would be familiar with filmmakers. For instance, when I write EWS, I mean Extreme Wide Shot. Maria is an artist but this is her first professional job as a storyboard artist so I wanted to communicate what I wrote in the clearest terms possible. That meant going through every shot and expanding what I want. So a line like “MWS of Antonio” becameĀ  “A medium wide-shot of Antonio standing, trying to plead some sanity into the situation.”

There were some I really had to expand and others that are as short as the one I gave as an example (but they can contain spoilers). Basically the point is, I wanted to communicate better what I wanted from each storyboard panel before my meeting with her tomorrow evening.