Day 276: Strategy

Hi! Today was strategy day where I planned out my moves to ensure that I can launch the Indiegogo campaign by the end of fall.

The teaser is mostly complete and after getting feedback, I am far more confident about it. There will be some work done to ensure it’s properly paced at the beginning but this shouldn’t take that long. I’ll aim to do some of that later this week. My focus this week is going to be the pitch video.

Tuesday: Maria has asked for a pitch list that’s detailed so that’s what I’m doing today. Making sure the document is clear so that she can do a storyboard based on it is going to take some time.

Wednesday: I have a meeting with Maria scheduled. I also plan on getting a haircut and getting my appearance in tip-top shape so that I can add in a new, good image of myself on the Indiegogo video. I also plan on contacting a couple people to ensure I get release paperwork done.

Thursday: I’m going to take some new screenshots of the blog and the website and the Indiegogo page to use in the pitch video. I also plan on working on the pacing so that there’s less pause between the lines.

Friday: Work on the pacing of the teaser and the pitch part of the video.