Day 275: Editing

Today I “finished” editing the Indiegogo teaser. I wouldn’t say it’s done because I might go back to it later based on feedback and fix parts that aren’t working. I did some work on pacing. I do think the audio part of the teaser works really well: I like the dialogue (the cast did a really good job), the background noise, and the music is fantastic. As for the video? That’s likely the part I’ll come back to later. I’m not entirely sure it works yet but still, it is a major step that a rough draft of the teaser is actually done. Not just a draft like previous weeks but one we could in theory actually release to the public.

Next week I’m going to shift my attention to the pitch video since there is some work I need to do there. If I need to come back to the teaser, I’ll do it at that point. This is pretty exciting though: we’re getting closer and closer to finishing the video!