Day 273: Editing

Today I have three updates for you all.


I’ve added in the public domain footage into the video. I’m not entirely sure I’m happy with the shots I’ve used and I might replace them over the next couple of days but it is a start. I did have enough footage that I could sufficiently cover the teaser so that was good. There are of course a few annoyances. The way iMovie worked was that instead of replacing the black notice, the footage went over it which meant I couldn’t have a fade out at the end. I tried getting rid of the NOTICE manually but when I did that, it would get rid of the teaser audio. It’s annoying and hopefully I’m able to figure this out tomorrow. Tomorrow I’m going to work some on the pacing as well.

Meeting with Maria:

It went very well. She had previously done the art work for the kids and now they are mostly done. They look fantastic-especially Dallas. I’m very happy with the progress she’s making. She’s also started out on Austin and he’s already turning out good. I’d have to say that this is going along nicely.

Meeting with Jeff:

Finally I had a meeting with Jeff. There isn’t much to report here but I am hoping to send the new video to him (and Maria) on Friday.