Day 270: Public Domain Footage + Art

Today there were two things I did:

Public Domain Footage:

I looked some more for public domain footage and I think I did find a couple more shots I could potentially use. The good news is that I might have enough that I can put them into the teaser. The bad news is I don’t have that many choices so it might be less me picking the best footage and more just trying to decide the best order to put them in. Still, that’s my duty for next week.

Meeting with Maria:

Today I had a short meeting with Maria over the progress of the art. She had a busy week but we did have a productive meeting over how she is developing the look of Austin! He’s the main character so he’s a vital piece of the character art so I wanted to focus in and make sure she’s capturing him right. I think she’s on the right path and I hope to have art to show you guys soon!