Day 267: Footage

Today I started my search for public domain footage of woods. As expected, this is more difficult than it sounds. For one thing, it’s really hard to find recent public domain footage. A lot of the clips are in public domain for a reason: they are old, black and white, and hard to really tell what’s happening. There is also recent public domain footage that has people that I can’t use. So finding what I need will take time, lots of research, and I might still not get any results.

I did find a few websites that have footage that I could in theory buy but it can get pretty expensive if I do that. If that’s the route I need to take, I need to determine which clips I need to get specifically before I pay a cent: if I pay for footage I don’t end up using, that’s money down the drain. I’m going to keep looking over the next couple of days and hopefully it won’t come down to that.