Day 264: Credits

Today my work on the Indiegogo video continued!


Today I contacted the whole “cast” of the teaser to give them an update on the project and what’s going on. I let them know what we still have to do and when I hope to finish the video. I also took the time during this update to remind the two remaining cast members to get the release forms in!


Today I added the credits to the video. It’s not perfect. If you look at the image, you’ll notice that my name and my roles aren’t on one line. I’m going to find a way to fix that. I also had to extend the final song to cover the credits. I’ll continue to make adjustments as we add things we need to give people credit for.

Just as a reminder, I am currently working on Eternal Camping part-time. My life over the next couple months is likely going to get a bit more busy than normal but I’ll do my best to stay on schedule. Tomorrow, more work on getting the release forms in and I plan on meeting with Maria on her artwork.