Day 263: Background Noise

Today my work on the Indiegogo video continued!


Of the three releases I need, I now have one turned in and supposedly two in the way! This is pretty good and this does clear the way for all my legal checkboxes to be well checked. I also started a new spreadsheet. This is primarily to ensure that all the new music and sounds I’m downloading are properly tracked. This way I can properly credit people if necessary and double-check to make sure that what I’m using is in the public domain. So far, so good.


One of the difficult things can be finding good public domain content. It’s always best when you can to create content yourself but it’s not always possible especially when you have no budget. If you live in a desert like Los Angeles and you need ambient noises of woods, you might resort to the public domain. Only you don’t just want any ambient noise. It needs to fit your product. Luckily I was able to find some public domain sound I could use on

Now I’m going to need to actually find some footage of woods that I can use. That’s liable to be more difficult.

Tomorrow I’ll use my spreadsheet I created today to start putting in the credits in the video.