Day 262: Video

Today was about three things and I’ll sort them out.


I need to get some talent release forms from some of the actors. I had previously asked for them and I wanted to make sure I got them all. I couldn’t find a few even though I thought I did and so I started contacting the actors in an attempt to get the release form so that I’m in the clear. I’m hoping to have this done by Friday but it does depend on people getting back to me.


I searched for public domain audio of background noise in woods. This is primarily a search. I want audio that not only makes people feel like they are in the woods but that conveys the creepiness. So I don’t want chirpiness or happy woods sounds but rather stuff like branches breaking and little animal sounds. Just things to convey that not all is right in the world.


The last thing I had was a strategy meeting with Jeff. We don’t know if he’s going to be able to get footage himself of woods due to a hectic schedule and such but he’s going to help me look for some public domain stock footage of woods. It’s not ideal but once again the teaser is meant to convey what the movie will be: since we don’t have any actual footage of the movie, stock footage will have to suffice.