Day 261: Strategy

Now that I have music in the video, it has really improved the experience significantly. There is a chance I might switch out the music but I’m going to wait until I have all of the content.

Basically the following is what I need to do on the video:

[*] Get footage of woods, artwork, and some pictures and put them in the Indiegogo video.

[*] Work on the pacing of the video so that there isn’t a lot of dead air. I can’t really do this without the content I need.

[*] Add in background noise in the teaser.

[*] Do the credits.

I also need to work at getting some paperwork from some people. I plan to do that this week.

Anyways, I worked out on a strategy to ensure I can get everything I need by the end of August.

Here’s this week’s schedule:

Tuesday: I have a meeting with Jeff. I’m also going to look over any paperwork I need to get and start contacting people. Finally, I’m going to look for public domain audio of woods background noise.

Wednesday: I’m going to add in the background noise. I’m going to keep bugging people about paperwork. I’m going to work on the credits. For now, I’m going to use the same song that I use at the end of the current pitch part of the video.

Thursday: Keep bugging people about the Indiegogo people. If necessary, keep working on the credits. I do plan on this day on contacting the cast and giving them a status update.

Friday: I hope to have any paperwork I need turned in by today. I also have a meeting with Maria.

This week thus is work on refining the current version of the video I have so that when I have content, we’re more ready to go, while ensuring that all the paperwork is done and processed.