Day 260: Indiegogo Video

Today was a really exciting day for me. For one thing, I finally felt like I had a version of the teaser I could share with people. Why? Simple. Before, for the most part, the teaser was pretty much a giant notice telling people this is where footage of woods will go. I had previously added some stock pictures of woods but I eventually reverted to a largeĀ  notice so that I could better move the audio around. iMovie is weird in that if sometimes I try to move the video or cut the video, it’ll affect the audio even when I don’t want it to. So this was just easier for editing purposes.

Anyways, imagine a black notice telling you that eventually there will be interesting visual content. Then there’s dialogue followed by periods of silence.It was a bit of a mess and didn’t really represent what the teaser was supposed to convey. It felt random. Not anymore. I added one song that I thought would be great for the teaser and it changed a lot. Obviously I still need to the footage of woods but the music sets the tone, it keeps you more interested, and it hides some recording background noise. In essence, it makes it possible to watch the teaser and start to really get what I’m going for.

The song isn’t final but it makes the thing work for now.

Anyways, I need to transition into the pitch part of the video better and clearly a lot of work is still needed. But hey, small steps is still progress.