Day 258: Music

Today I went ahead and finished with the “music” part of the video for now. I’ll likely have to go back next week and edit the music. I’m not completely happy with it yet and I want to get feedback on which songs are working. There’s a part of me that also likely will want to keep the songs the same but change where they play.

Right now I begin the video with a slow, atmospheric song that’s supposed to convey part of Eternal Camping’s tone. This is part of the pitch where we introduce the actual project. The second part of the pitch is where we discuss the characters. It still has atmosphere but it’s more assertive to keep people interested. The last song is where we try to tell people to donate money to the project. I wanted a song that was exciting but at the same time, still conveyed the atmosphere of the movie. I think I have a song like what I want but it’s this song that I’m the least convinced about. Don’t get me wrong: the actual song is great. Just not sure if it’s the right one for what I want.

I of course have other songs that I have found but I’m also not sold yet that they are better replacements. Like I said, I want to get feedback on this part of the video and if need be, I can try and see if there’s a song I like better if we decide to change directions or need to find new songs like the one I found. It’s also possible I’m overthinking this: that’s why it’s important not to act in a vacuum.

I do want to sort out the issues I have with the teaser and drop a song in before Friday so that I can send out the whole video for feedback.