Day 256: Strategy

Today I worked on strategy. I went over my notes from last week and I feel like I can this week have a version of the video with the music I want. I’m going to work thus on not just adding the music this week but also ensuring that there are proper transitions and that it helps with some of the dead air. I’m then going to work on the teaser part of the video to sort out some pacing issues and also to add music.

I also had a meeting with Jeffrey Santos where we discussed the video. We believe we’re on the right track: we do feel like the current recordings are good but we’re waiting for the content to come in before having a real first rough draft.

My schedule for this week:

Tuesday: Meeting with Maria. I will also continue working on music for the pitch video.

Wednesday: I’m going to work on the music for the pitch video. I’m hoping that by the end of this day, I have a rough draft of the video with music to show people. While the music won’t necessarily be final, it’ll be closer to it.

Thursday: I’m going to work out some pacing issues I have with the teaser. I’m also going to start adding in music.

Friday: Finish up the video, export, and possibly share it depending on the state of the videos.