Day 255: Video

Today I continued to experiment with music in the video. This is pretty much a trial and error process where I put in music into the video, take notes, move it around, take more notes, then take it out. I might also see how it plays with other songs before taking it out. In other words, I’m trying to figure out the best way to set the mood. It’s good I have this time to play with the music since I’m still collecting visual content: if I know what songs I want to play, it’ll make the final edit so much easier.

After that I also exported a version of the video with no music so that I could share it and get some feedback on the quality of Jeff and I’s audio recordings and what images I plan to use. I didn’t include the teaser this time around: that needs some more work before I’m ready to share it. I also plan to take this time to request some content I need. For instance, I plan to start the video with a photo of me and Jeff as we introduce ourselves. (We might be able to shoot actual footage and put it in but we’ll see.) Right now I just have some photos I have that aren’t actually usable.

Next week I’m going to keep working on the music as well as making a presentable version of the Indiegogo teaser.