Day 254: Video Music

Today I made some progress on the music for the video. The first is that I spent the first half of the day adding more music to my list. Once I felt like I had enough good options, I then proceeded to start going through the list. I added some of these songs to my external hard drive and put them in the iMovie project. Finally, I started to test these songs in the video. None of these are completely final options but I am using the songs in an effort to see how they play. Do they convey the emotions I want at that moment? Do they make the visuals interesting? How long should the song play before I switch? It’s these questions I have to answer and it means having to experiment quite a lot to get what I really want.

I will keep experimenting tomorrow. I also plan on exporting a version of the video-it might include music, it might not, depending on how I feel-and sending it out to key people to get some feedback.