Day 253: Video Music

So today I did two things. The first is that I went through and started collecting a list of music of songs in the public domain that I could use for the video. I already had some potential sites bookmarked: on the first draft of the video, I had actually looked up some music to use for end credits. I also had an informal list of some songs I liked. I went through those sources and other sites and added these songs to a spreadsheet along with some notes. This is the first formal list I have made and it’s pretty well organized. I plan to keep working on the spreadsheet tomorrow as well as potentially adding some of the songs to the video.

The second thing I did was hold a meeting with Maria over Google Hangouts. She showed me some art and actually worked on it, with some notes from me, and I think she’s doing a really good job! I’m excited for when she’s done and I add it to the video.