Day 252: Video

Today was pretty productive. I went ahead and added a lot of temporary art and pictures into the video. It’s far from perfect but it does give some clue as to what I envision the video turning out to be. There were also some areas where I just added text to tell people what I expect to show during that part of the video.  As I get more official art and pictures, I’ll be able to replace them in the video. There might also be some parts where we actually show footage but that has yet to be seen.

iMovie is a bit odd and inconsistent in how it treats pictures and audio which made it slightly more frustrating to edit. I was often bewildered by why I couldn’t make some edits like I wanted to and had to really force it to do that I want. This is a big reason I want to hire a professional editor with better software to work on the video: they can provide the finesse and expertise to really make the video work. I honestly have no idea why the latest Final Cut Pro software decided to be more like iMovie. It’s fine for casual use but a headache for professional use.

Small rant aside, I’m going to keep working on the video tomorrow by trying to add public domain music.