Day 251: Strategy

Today I primarily focused on strategy. I want to keep working on the video so that when I get the content I need, it’s as complete as possible. That way we can quickly finish the videos and actually work on the final stages of launching the Indiegogo project. I thus worked on the gameplan to make that happen over the next couple weeks.

Here is the plan for the rest of the week:

Tuesday: Make edits to the video. I’m going to put some pictures and maybe videos of woods I find online temporarily so that I can work better at pacing the video out. I will replace these pictures/footage when I have the artwork and woods footage from Jeff. This is just something for me to work with.

Wednesday: I will be meeting with Maria. I’m also going to really look for music online: public domain songs that I can put into the video. I’m going to keep them on the hard drive but this day will be spent on research.

Thursday: I will keep looking for songs if I still need to but I also plan to add them into the video today.

Friday: I’m going to make finishing touches on the video so far. I will keep adding music. I will also export the video and send it to Jeff to get some feedback.