Day 249: Audio!

Today was a pretty busy day. I started out by editing the teaser audio: it isn’t perfect nor is it really reflective of how it’ll be in the end product, but it at least gives some indication of what we need to do and of the final product. Once I have footage of woods, I can work on pacing and adding stuff like music.  At least now I have a better idea of how long the actual video is going to take.

If you are a long-time follower of the blog, you know that I put together about fifty days ago a rough cut of the teaser audio. I didn’t just insert that audio: I actually played around with it to work more on getting better volume and doing my best to pace it out on how it SHOULD play once I have footage of woods. Obviously this will change but in essence, it’s a rough reflection on what the final product will be.

Meanwhile, at the end of the day, Jeff and I sat down and we re-recorded the audio. I took the time to try and see if I could improve on some areas while Jeff also recorded from his end to get better quality audio. If we need to record specific lines again, we can but for now it’s all good. Tomorrow I’ll start editing this into the project.