Day 246: Prep and Strategy

Today I spent it doing two things: strategy and prep work.

Prep Work:

Today I worked on preparing for tomorrow’s shoot on my end. That meant going over the lines and trying to improve my delivery. I’m hoping that recording with Jeff will lead to getting good feedback.  But most importantly I also did some research on how to record over Skype and such. In other words, I feel like I’m ready to record tomorrow.


There’s quite a bit I did terms of strategy including trying my best to figure out when the video will be completed. I do feel like this brand new third version of the video will be the best one and then I can start truly focusing on the teaser. Here’s my schedule for the week:

Tuesday: Recording session with Jeffrey Santos. Expect a later than usual entry.

Wednesday: Going to start editing the brand new audio recording first in Audacity then carrying it over to iMovie. I will also be meeting with Maria over art.

Thursday: I’m going to edit together a rough version of the teaser audio and then put that into the iMovie.

Friday: Based on what I learned last week, I’m going to add some pictures and such to the new movie project. I might also depending on time add in music.