Day 242: Pitch Script

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a great fourth of July weekend!

I am pretty excited about the artwork Maria is working on. I saw some sketches she’s done over the weekend and I think this is going to turn out to be great. Obviously they are works in progress but we’re making good progress on this front. I might ask Maria to do a special guest blog post on her art when we’re at the finishing line.

Anyways, today I sent Jeff over some legal documents for him to start looking over. We’re not planning to sign but it’s nice to get some official say on what he’ll be responsible for. As for me, I started to divide up the current pitch script so that it’s between the two of us. This also meant adding a line. Tonight I’m meeting with Maria to discuss art.

I’m pretty excited!

This is the schedule for this week:

Wednesday: I’m going to finalize the new pitch script. I also hope to schedule the new recording session this day for the following week.

Thursday: I’m going to take some pictures for the Indiegogo video of the website, the blog, and I’m going to see if I can edit them into video format. This is more testing my own ability to do so using my current resources. I’m going to put the “sample” audio recording over the video.

Friday: I’m going to put the cast recordings into that same video file. There’s no real footage nor will it be close to final in terms of audio but I want to get a sense of pacing and flow.