Day 241: Happy Fourth of July!

First things first, the meeting with Maria that was supposed to happen today has been delayed until tomorrow evening. Since my plan was essentially “work with Maria” today, I didn’t really have anything planned so I decided to do some strategy today.

I had hoped to have the video ready to launch the Indiegogo by the end of summer. Looking at the progress being made, we are on the right path towards having a quality video but now I believe we’ll likely launch the Indiegogo campaign sometime late in the fall.

So here’s my schedule for next week:

Saturday: Meeting with Maria. Do what I was supposed to do today, tomorrow.

Monday: Happy Fourth of July! I’m taking the holiday to take a small break.

Tuesday: I need to send Jeff some documents, I’ll revisit the week’s schedule, and I’m going to start working on a new pitch script.

Wednesday: I’m going to finalize the new pitch script. I also hope to schedule the new recording session this day for the following week.

Thursday: I’m going to take some pictures for the Indiegogo video of the website, the blog, and I’m going to see if I can edit them into video format. This is more testing my own ability to do so using my current resources. I’m going to put the “sample” audio recording over the video.

Friday: I’m going to put the cast recordings into that same video file. There’s no real footage nor will it be close to final in terms of audio but I want to get a sense of pacing and flow.