Day 237: Strategy & Audio

Hello all!

So over the weekend, I met with Maria (the artist) to discuss plans. She had spent the week reading the script, taking notes, and brainstorming. I believe she will begin this week doing some research and starting to do some rough sketches for the characters. I do plan to meet with her again on Friday and communicate with her over the week.


I finished going through the audio. I’m going to put together a rough draft of the latest audio recordings tomorrow and Wednesday and then send it to Jeff to get his opinions on the matter.


Of course, today was mostly about strategy. I have a clear idea sort-of of how long the art is going to take so I’m going to be concentrating this week on the video’s audio even if this means having to plan a recording session with him. I might also do some of the recording so that we’re both selling the project with our voices. We’ll see.

Tuesday: Edit the audio together to create an audio file based on the script.

Wednesday: Edit the audio together to create an audio file based on the script.

Thursday: If possible, I’ll meet with Jeff this day over Skype to discuss the video footage and the audio recordings. I will also meet with a select other people to get feedback on what could be improved. If I can’t meet over Skype, I’ll communicate with my team over e-mail.

Friday: Meet with Maria. I might play her part of all of the video so that she gets a sense of the script and what I plan. I will also look over her work.